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Smyrna TN baby photography: Aaron is 1!

Here is a little boy who is such a pleasure to photograph. Aaron is a playful, sweet, and all around good-natured lil man. Little Aaron and I have something in common…our birthdays! We both have July 23rd birthdays, just 30 years apart 🙂 Here are some shots from the 12 month photo shoot we did at the Same Davis Home. I’ve been photographing Aaron since he was 6 months and I love seeing all his latest baby skills every time we meet up for a new shoot. He reminds me a lot of my own son who is just a month older. I know for the next shoot he’ll be keeping me on my toes because he’s on the brink of walking full time!


  1. Diane Donofrio says:

    I love the different settings and expressions you photographed on this little guy’s face. Nice job Twila!

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