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The Dominican Republic and LaRepresa: a mission trip where the gospel and creativity helped to heal hearts

On December 10-15 I traveled to the Dominican Republic (the DR I proudly say now) to help shoot family portraits. I went with my church New Vision Baptist in Murfreesboro, TN. I, along with 3 other talented photographers, shot 4 days worth of family photos. And even though the expected 750 families didn’t all show up, we certainly had our share of shooting. In between shooting times we would go on little excursions into the community of LaRepresa and of course do more shooting! The slideshow below showcases some of the images that stood out to me, especially of the people. The people in this community are unbelievably open and kind to you. When families came in to have their photo taken, all I did was reach out a hand and say “¡Hola!” with a big smile and they would proceed to give me the tightest, most genuine hug I have ever received. Then once they saw their photo on the back of my camera they roared with delightment! Wow, I mean as a photographer that makes you feel good, but as an outsider coming into their community it makes you feel so welcome and loved.

I can’t say enough good things about this experience. I long to have the opportunity to go back in whatever capacity I can. Constuction and medical trips certainly outweigh family photos, but I am SO glad I was apart of this special kind of mission trip. The one thing I can truly say that happened to me as a result of this trip was that I watched and learned how God opened my heart up tenfold larger than it was before Dec. 10th. And in honor of my favorite Christmas cartoon, I can relate this to the Grinch’s experience with the Whos down in Whoville when his heart grew 2 sizes 2 big 🙂  (Not to imply I was a Grinch of course)

Our DR Team consisted of: Brady Cooper, Phillip Robinson, Scott Hord, Robbie Russell-our gospel sharing squad /Bob and Linda Clark-photog assistants and all around moral support and everyone’s adopted parents

photographers: Matt Reed, Phillip Slowiak, Kristyn Hogan, and myself


  1. Randi Chappell says:

    This is wonderful Twila, I am so happy you were able to go and share your amazing talent. I know you were a true joy for so many, God is full of good thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. SMS says:

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