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Mt. Pleasant TN Engagement Photography: Charlee and Kevin

I had a great time this past Sunday meeting Charlee and Kevin in Mount Pleasant, TN to shoot their engagement photos. They are getting married on March 26, 2011 and I’m looking forward to the big day! Both Charlee and Kevin are nurses. They went through nursing school together and now are both working at Maury Regional Hospital. They are a sweet, down to earth, southern couple and I loved hanging with them on the farm!


  1. Pam Moore says:

    Kevin & Charlee, These are wonderful, I’m loving this last one. I know as long as you love the Lord and put Him first He will bless your marriage in every way. Congratulations, time is getting closer.

  2. Keisha Sandy says:

    These are absolutely adorable. You guys look so happy together, like it was meant to be. Just keep trusting and keep God in the center. Set a firm foundation and everything will be superb. I am really excited for you guys. This is your year!!

  3. Nana says:

    Charlee these pic are beautiful and I want one of everyone and I agree with Pam Moore on the one for the paper the last one. Love you and Kevin

  4. Sarah & Mike Seiter says:

    You guys look so great 🙂 You look so pretty Charlee. I can tell just by the way you look at each other your so in love. Mike and I are so happy for you two. see you soon.

My homage to William Eggleston: Twila Allen Smyrna,TN Photographer

The first time I was ever shown a William Eggleston photograph was at Middle TN State University in a Color 1 class taught by Professor Norton. It was early on in the semester, perhaps the first or second session, and in the class we were to shoot color slide film only. So that was different for all of us in and of itself. So Mr. Norton proceeded to show us color slide after color slide of this photographer’s work, whom none of us never really had heard of. I’d say the reaction was mixed at best. I know for me I was quite perplexed at first because here was a photographer who was renowned for taking photos, color no less, of mundane, boring, and, at first glance, pointless things. But as my professor explained the intricate complexities of each shot, I was gradually seeing what he was seeing. And what d’ya know… this photographer ends up shaping the way I (photographically) see the world.

From what I can tell about the man, he’s a lot like other famous artists: weird, eccentric, and fascinating all at the same time. I am a native Memphian and he is, too, so he’s cool in my book 🙂 But as far as his work, well, it really is something to take in and revisit from time to time because you will find yourself oddly attracted to seeing the world through his eyes. I just bet that the next time you’re out and about in town or in the country or wherever… you’ll find your unique, weird, and wonderfully awkward Eggleston photo, too!

Here are some of the books I’ve collected over the years just because I’ve become sort of an Eggleston nerd.

A Tribute to William EgglestonA Tribute to William Eggleston
A Tribute to William EgglestonA Tribute to William Eggleston

A Tribute to William EgglestonA Tribute to William Eggleston

A Tribute to William Eggleston

A Tribute to William Eggleston

Below is some of my digital work that I feel has an Eggleston vibe. If I could scan ALL the film I have for this particular category, well, that would be A LOT of scanning.

This a motel series that was an ongoing project since my college days, when I started my motel documentary.

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Franklin TN Wedding Photography: Caroline & Jessejames Locorriere

Bride's shoes and dress in window light.

Franklin bride in church sanctuary.

bridal portraitbridal portrait
bride's flowers

groom's suitgroom buttoning shirt
groom adjusting tiegroom adjusting tie
groom portrait

groom portrait

formal bride and groom portrait

bride and groom in churchbride and groom kissing
bride and groom special moment

bride and groom moment

bride and groombride and groom
cakeBoxwood Bistro
First Dance as husband and wife.

first dance

bride and groom at the Factory in Franklin

bride and groom at the Factory in Franklinbride and groom at the Factory in Franklin
bride and groom under lights at Boxwood Bistro

Bride and Groom leaving Boxwood Bistro

Bride and Groom in limo

Bride and Groom drive off to honeymoon.