A vibrant boho wedding style shoot that features rich tones and textures, an eclectic style, and rustic elements that can inspire an elegant and homey wedding or event. Thank you to FrontPorch Farms for allowing us to use their expansive property and to Melissa Perez Gelt at Rogue Event Company for her ideas and hard work in creating this groovy boho world. This shoot is a mixture of both film and digital photos.

bohoweddingstyle_0001 Southern Boho Wedding Style bohoweddingstyle_0025 bohoweddingstyle_0024 bohoweddingstyle_0023 bohoweddingstyle_0022 bohoweddingstyle_0021 bohoweddingstyle_0020 bohoweddingstyle_0019 bohoweddingstyle_0018 bohoweddingstyle_0017 bohoweddingstyle_0016 bohoweddingstyle_0015 bohoweddingstyle_0014 bohoweddingstyle_0013 bohoweddingstyle_0012 bohoweddingstyle_0011 bohoweddingstyle_0010 bohoweddingstyle_0009 bohoweddingstyle_0008 bohoweddingstyle_0007 bohoweddingstyle_0006 bohoweddingstyle_0005 bohoweddingstyle_0004 bohoweddingstyle_0003 bohoweddingstyle_0002