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Hi! I’m Twila Allen, a wife, mother, and photographer. I have been involved in photography in some capacity since 1998. I shot my first wedding for a family member in 1999, but it wasn’t then that I found a passion for weddings. That came later, but I will say that working in all the different areas of photography-photo intern, color corrector, retoucher, studio manager, one hour lab technician-provided me with a breadth of knowledge of the industry that I wouldn’t trade for the world. It is said that everything we do along life’s way leads us to where we currently are and I believe that is totally true for me! I am very fortunate to be a full time photographer now and be able to serve my clients, be creative, and grow as a business woman.

I believe my strength lies in photographing people, no matter what age. I enjoy getting to know my clients and translating that through photography by showing their joy, excitement, or vulnerability. Whether I’m shooting an entire wedding day or a short portrait session, I feel like I’m allowed to enter my client’s world and save all their wonderful moments.

Photography, for me, is a way to experience the world, meet all kinds of people, and challenge myself to be creative every time I put the camera in front of my face. I am so glad I found photography when I did because its brought me down a wonderful road of life so far and I can’t wait to see where it will take me!

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